Fitness & Lifestyle coaching with Christine.

Feel younger, fitter and more flexible in all areas of life.

Christine Bell is a certified life coach, fitness trainer and yoga instructor. She is dedicated to coaching you on a personalized path to wellness, health and happiness. Christine will support and motivate you to achieve the skills you need to lead a fulfilled, nourishing and active lifestyle. Her programs are available as individual fitness plans and as structured lifestyle packages to cover a complete wellness solution.


Fitness & Yoga

Enjoy the process of reaching new levels of health, fitness and flexibility. Christine will coach you in one to one sessions developed inline with your goals, abilities and preferences.

What you can expect: All over body toning including arms, legs and abs. Increased range of motion allowing reduced stiffness and less joint pain. Improved flexibility, firmer body, flatter tummy and greater core strength. Enjoy a feeling of youthfulness, appreciate your body and connect with yourself in the most amazing and profound ways.

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Effortlessly identify and achieve your lifetime goals and dreams. Christine will expertly guide, support and motivate you to make lasting lifestyle changes.

What you can expect: Lifecoaching will improve your confidence, motivate you to make the changes you need, give you increased courage, reduce your day-to-stress levels, empower you to take action and give the joy of moving towards your dreams.

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Create increased health, vitality and radiant energy from the inside. Christine will guide you through personalised meal plans to boost your health with a clean, plant based diet for optimal nutrition.

What you can expect: Benefit from improved organ function, less inflamation, body detoxification, better sleep and increased cell rejuvination. You will notice outward effects such as glowing skin, healthy hair, stronger nails and bright sparkling eyes. Your carb cravings will be reduced and your energy levels will soar - getting you through the day without you usual caffiene fix!

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Meditation & Breathwork

Feel relaxed and rejuvinated. Christine will lead you in a range of calming meditations and breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve your oxygen intake.

What you can expect: Reduce stress with a new sense of peacefulness. Feel less urgency regarding the small things in life. Anxiety will be reduced as the mind becomes calmer. You will experience an increase of positive feelings, better personal and professional relationships, deeper sleep and a renewed sense of serenity.

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