Christine Bell Lifecoach

Christine Bell Lifecoach

“Finding that space – where body, mind, and breath come together in unity has transformed me forever. I would love to share that experience with you, and support your path to becoming the very best version of you.”

Christine Bell

I have discovered over and over again how difficult it is for most of us to stay motivated and make lasting lifestyle changes. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something we all desire – but doing the work and avoiding self sabotage is easier said than done. Sometimes our worst enemy can be ourselves.

Life coaching certification, as well as fitness & yoga teacher credentials, has allowed me to better support myself, and my clients, in their health and wellness journeys. This is a deeply personal journey that has defined my mission today: to equip all of my clients with the skills they need in order to lead a fulfilled and active life.

I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry for many years and I am educated in all aspects of fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle. It is this ‘bigger picture’ that allows me to coach my clients to success.

The icing on the cake was my training in authentic Indian yoga. This gave me the same feelings of inner peace as deep meditation. I evolved my programs to include yoga, and it’s philosophies, providing the optimum in stress reduction and flexibility of body and mind.

Let me support you on your journey to health and wellness.

In kindness, peace & strength,

Christine xx


  • Can-Fit-Pro: Certified & Practicing Personal Training Specialist, February 2001
  • Can-Fit-Pro: Certified & Practicing Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, August 2016
  • Rhodes Wellness College Vancouver B.C: ICF Certified Life Coach, February 2019
  • International Yoga Alliance: 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certified Teacher at PadmaKarma Yoga School, December 2019

Christine studied in India with world renowned yogis Padma Nair, founder and director of PadmaKarma Yoga School, as well as Jinu Vibhoothy. Christine has 20 years of experience partnering with clients and following her purpose of influencing a cleaner, healthier, and happier life while creating ripples of strength, kindness and peace.

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